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Whats instore for us in May...

We all know how much we all look forward to the warmer weather and lighter healthier meals. With some of the tastiest produce just coming into Season its sure to put a smile on everyones face.... including ours!

Fruits in season in May - *Apricot *Cherries (coming into season) *Kiwi fruit

Vegetables in season in May - *Asparagus, *Aubergines (in season from late May)

*Carrots (in season from late May), *New potatoes (coming into season), *Peas (coming into season), *Peppers, *Rhubarb (end of season), *Rocket (coming into season), *Spinach, *Spring onions, *Watercress (coming into season)

All available for your delivery box or come instore and our team will help you choose a wonderful selection of fresh seasonal fruit & veg. Visit: P.A.Sparks & Sons, 26 The Broadway, Loughton IG10 3ST or head to our orders page where you can create your own shopping list!

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