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P.A.Sparks & Sons moving to new warehouse in Abridge

(we received this lovely letter from one of our customers)

Hi Peter (and rest of lovely staff),

I have just read via my Loughton Residents’ newsletter that you will be closing at the end of the year. I am feeling devastated for you as I know you have tried for a few years to stem the tide having joined forces with you when the shops started to close about three years ago, unfortunately to no avail. Your lovely shop will be sorely missed by everyone who lives in Debden/Loughton, not only will we miss the fresh fruit and veg but I personally will miss the banter from the staff, being greeted with “hello beautiful” makes my day especially as I’m 81.

Once again I am so sorry that you are going and believe me if I won the biggest prize in the Lottery I would help you and your staff stay around for a lot longer.

Best wishes



Hi Ruth ,

Thanks for your email however don’t feel sad , we are moving to a purpose built warehouse in Abridge to concentrate on our wholesale side of the business.

Over the past few years we have grown out of the shop and need more room and the opportunity of building our own warehouse was something I couldn’t turn down.

George who will be taking over at some point early next year will continue with fruit and veg which I will supply , also he will be adding flowers and pot plant with a fresh wet fish shop included.

He has many years of business behind him and offering deliveries of fresh fish and fruit and veg could be something most welcomed in Debden.

Please feel free to publish this in the LRA news letter as it’s good news all round for all.

Wishing you a merry Christmas.

See you soon.

Kind Regards


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