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Having a bar-b-q this weekend...

...But not sure what to cook up for your guests?

Sparks brings you some fresh, healthy ideas for your family and friends. Easy quick dishes that will really impress all made with our amazing range of fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices.

* Turkey & coriander burgers with guacamole

* Barbecued chicken fajita skewers

* Barbecued squid salad

* Grilled red onion & potato salad

* Seafood, pineapple & coconut kebabs

* Sweet mustard potato salad

* Chopped herb & pomegranate salad

* Smoky mushroom burgers with roasted garlic mayo

* Puy lentil, spiced roast carrot & feta salad

* Citrus-spiked sea bass

* Griddled glazed vegetable kebabs

* Burnt aubergine raita

* Mint & basil griddled peach salad

* Grilled corn with chilli mayonnaise, coriander & feta

* Quick mushrooms, aubergines & peppers

* Vegan kebabs with avocado dressing

* Charred spring onions

For the full recipes click here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/healthy-barbecue

Or simply order one of our cookboxes and we will deliver all your required produce straight to your door: https://www.pasparksandsonsltd.co.uk/our-boxes

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