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Fruity cocktail ideas from Sparks...

Create a refreshing fruit cocktail using rum, vodka and gin, plus juice, along with fresh fruit such as watermelon, citrus, apple or berries. These delicious drinks are guaranteed party crowd-pleasers.

Coconut & pineapple cooler - With coconut rum, gin and pineapple juice, it will sit happily in an ice bucket for several hours, ideal for summer barbecues.

Blueberry mojito - Sip our refreshing blueberry mojito when the sun starts to shine. This easy cocktail can be mixed up in minutes with a handful of ingredients.

Caipirinhas with pineapple - Though traditionally made with limes, the national cocktail of Brazil can also be made with pineapple or passion fruit.

Lychee martini - Take the martini to the next level by combining it with the wonderful flavour of lychee. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with rose petals for the wow factor -

Melon & cucumber punch - Perfectly ripe Galia melon, orange liqueur and Pimm's pump this punch with summery flavour

Rosé punch - Serve this super simple punch with plenty of ice at a picnic or barbecue. The combination of rosé, sherry, fruit and honey is a perfect taste of summer

To pick up your fruit for these refreshing drinks please visit our shop at: P.A.Sparks & Sons, 26 The Broadway, Loughton IG10 3ST or add these items to your cookbox delivered to your door the next day!

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