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Day in the life of a greengrocer...

10.45pm - Alarm goes off, no time for a lay-in!... 11pm - orders have been printed off through the night by my family, I collate a buying list and leave home just before midnight, Collect lorry, and in market for... 12.45am - I pick up what we need for today's orders and the shop. With all buying completed by 2am. Lorry is loaded and back to shop by 3.15am and crack on, no time to waste anymore for breakfast only a coffee as I walk round. Distribute all orders to our drivers, they leave the yard at 6am - They set out on the deliveries to restaurants, schools, catering and food providers. I get Tuesday & Saturday afternoons off if I'm lucky. We have a great team at the shop, working hard until 5pm every day. After a long hard week, I always find time to go out with my family and friends on a Saturday evening. Sunday is strictly me and Mrs sparks day! I don't mind a bit of shopping myself or it could be a 5-6 mile walk as I'm told I need the exercise! 6pm every Sunday bed early, ready to go again!

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