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Colourful & Fun Fruit Ideas for Kids this Easter

If you’re looking for a fruity rainbow for your breakfast, try the rainbow fruit banana sushi or the rainbow fruit overnight oats.

Need dessert? The rainbow fruit pizza or rainbow fruit unicorn popsicles are fun fruit ideas.

When all of the fruits are together, the kids will even try ones they don’t think they like!

These vibrant fruit snack ideas are a great way for kids to try a variety of fruits. You can get them involved in making these healthy rainbow snacks because they’re just as much fun to make as they are to eat.

Whether your children already love eating fruit, or you find it’s often necessary to sneak healthy foods into their days, this list will have you covered. Any one of these fun fruit snacks are sure to have your kids eating the rainbow, and loving it.

To find out how to make any of the designs you see above visit helloYUMMY website:

All fruits are available at P.A.Sparks and Sons, 26 the Broadway in Loughton! Or add them to one of our create your own! boxes and have it delivered to your door.

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