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Behind the scenes...

...of a typical day in the life of your local greengrocer

We take you through a typical day in the life of a Greengrocer, the ups and downs, people we meet, challenges we rise to. Hopefully give you all an understanding of how your fruit & veg gets to your dinner table!

10.30pm - Alarm goes off, no time for a lay-in!... 11.30pm - Check my mobile for all orders that have come in... Midnight - Collect lorries, meet Neil and head off for market... 1.30am - We get to market Neil gets the veg, whilst I get the rest of what we need... 3.30am - After we finish buying, we settle the bill and head for the market cafe... 4am - after enjoying a hearty breakfast we load up the lorries and vans and head back to the yard in Essex to distribute to our drivers... 6.30am - Our first delivery stop is at EAT 17 in Walthamstow, then onto all the other restaurants, schools and catering and food providers. 10.30am - I head back to the Debden shop to check on all deliveries, customer requirements and that the shop looks it best, I have a great team there... 5.30pm - After a long day with only a quick snooze at the office I head home, say hello to my wife and children, eat my dinner and hit my pillow around 8.30pm - ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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