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1 day to go, don't forget the past...

When asked why we put a satsuma in our stocking the older generation explained...

'When they were growing up their family didn’t have much money. Things like toys, candies, and especially fresh fruit were rare. Her parents were children of the great depression, and fresh fruit would have been even more rare for them.

So receiving an orange in the stocking was actually an enormous gift. It was a way of making sure every child had at least one sweet present to open on Christmas morning, no matter what.'

So this year lets keep that tradition going and add a satsuma to your childrens stocking.

Grab your now - visit us in store, you will find us at: P.A.Sparks & sons, 26 The Broadway, Loughton IG10 3ST - where our staff are on hand to help you in any way they can.

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